The Race: An Aesop's Fables Mashup

(world premiere film)

Music by Deborah Kavasch, Libretto by Linda Bunney-Sarhad

Now an international award winner! 

Official selection in over 35 film festivals all around the world
Best Fantasy Film & Best Children's/Family Film at the Cannes World Film Festival
Best Musical Film at the Silk Road Film Festival, Oniros Film Festival, & New York International Film Awards
Best Director winner, Hollywood Gold Awards & Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift
Best Director Grand Jury Award, Indo-Singapore International Film Festival & Imagine Rain Independent Film Awards
Best First Time Director, Luleå International Film Festival & Eastern Europe International Movie Awards
Best Female Director, Uruvatti International Film Festival
B...and many more!
Commissioned & produced by Opera Modesto
Filmed by Mike Everett, The Creation Lab
Conducted by Liisa Davila
Costumes by Keilani Gleave
Fights coordinated by J. Tyler Jones
Filmed on location in California's Central Valley
Photos by David Schroeder
"My name is Aesop, a teller of tales"
The Tortoise and Hare prepare to race
"I'm the fastest, therefore best!"
"There is power in slow."
"Fast or slow, come along, and soon we'll know."
The Tortoise and Hare run through other fables
A Bear foolishly antagonizes a swarm of Bees
"I don't like your attitude!"
"Better a single insult in silence than a thousand from your hissy fit!"
Bear exits, pursued by bees
The Hares are tired of living in fear
"This vow we take: to go and jump into the lake."
...but on the way, the Hares scare some Frogs!
"Courageous frog, noble frog, always focused on staying alive."
The Tortoise continues on his way
A Fox sets his sights on some juicy grapes
The Fox tries and fails to reach the grapes
...and instead gets in a fight with a Bee!
"Looks like I outfoxed the Fox!"
"Now we set a darker tone, a story of survival!"
"It starts with Wolf's arrival."
A flock of Sheep settle down for the night
"Now I and they look just alike, except for my bloodthirsty knife."
"I'm very hungry, where is a lambchop for this old sinner?"
The Shepherd defeats the Wolf
"Here is the moral: if you are set on harming, then harm will come to you."
The Tortoise sneaks past the sleeping Hare to victory
"Slow and steady wins the race."