Romeo and Juliet


by William Shakespeare

Center Stage Conservatory
Sets and Lights by Traci Sprague
Costumes by Jennifer Golden
Photos by Daniel DaRosa Medina
I will bite my thumb at them.
Have at thee, coward!
I pray you sir, can you read?
My lips, two pilgrims, ready stand
Dreamers often lie.
Art thou not Romeo and a Montegue?
My fan, Peter!
I dare draw as soon as another man.
Violent delights have violent ends.
Come sir, your passado.
A plague o' both your houses!
Take that villain back again.
Tybalt, my cousin!
Banishment? Be merciful, say death.
Art thou a man?
It is not yet near day!
Some comfort, Nurse!
I long to die
Take thou this vial.
Out, alas!  She's cold.
Such mortal drugs I have
I will tear thee joint by joint
Poison hath been his timeless end.