I began writing plays in high school, working partially on my own and partially in collaborative or devised theatre settings, but my passion for the art form was not truly cemented until college when I began taking classes from renowned playwright Octavio Solis.  Under his tutelage, I developed a style that marries poetry with everyday, intimate stories of love and loss. 

My first one-act Buck, a magical realism snapshot of a daughter dealing with the death of her mother, was a winner of the of 2017 Majestic Eight Statewide 10-Minute Play Competition and recieved a staged reading at Majestic Theatre in Corvallis, OR, directed by Leigh Matthews Bock.  In 2018, I directed the premiere of my play As the Sky Comes Crashing Down, which deals with the complexities of

female-on-female sexual assault, at the Oregon Fringe Festival in Ashland, OR.

I am currently working on two longer plays: Henrietta, in which a young gay woman struggles to come to grips with her older sister's death, and Love Letters from Kathmandu, a love story inspired by my time living in Nepal.

As the Sky Comes Crashing Down NC (7 of

As the Sky Comes Crashing Down

As the Sky Comes Crashing Down NC (2 of

Photos by Nick Canepa