Miss Bennet:

Christmas at Pemberley

by Margot Melcon & Lauren Gunderson

Prospect Theater Project
Lights and Sets designed by Jack Souza
Costumes designed by Tara Roe
Mr. Dennis' wig by Jolie O'Dell
Photos by Eric Bjerke Sr.
I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In
I long for the world
I rather like your tree.
It's not as bleak as that, is it?
Declare peace and back slowly away.
What a delight to see you again!
You must stop this flattery!
Even fools marry better than this.
The anticipation consumes me.
Oh. Mistletoe. A parasitic plant.
And Arthur's fiance.
His what?!?
I will tell you what is of interest.
Really, Lydia, that was unkind.
The engagement was unexpected to all
A sister's duty is foremost.
We were just leaving!
I will not marry without happiness.
I should certainly be thanking you.
Tomorrow then.