Photo by Kelly Osterhaut

Workshops Taught

Instructor for Opera Modesto's Summer Opera Institute (2 years)

      Intro to Not Making a Fool of Yourself Onstage (acting basics)

      Who are All Those People in Black and What are They Doing Back There?

         (jobs in technical theatre)

      Memorization Techniques for Speaking and Singing

      Laban Movement Technique


      Intro to Stage Management

Guest Lecturer at Sushila Arts Academy (Kathmandu, Nepal)

      Stage Management for Theatre and Musical Productions

Amazing Vox School Residencies

      Commedia dell'Arte

      Improvisation and acting games

Not Back to School Camp (2 years)

      Commedia dell'Arte

Other areas of expertise include vocal technique for singing and speaking, analyzing and delivering Shakespearean text, and music theory.

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